Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Farewell Giant Cupcake!

Friday was the day we all said goodbye to our lovely boss Cathy from our designs of death corner.  We're all going to miss her so much, and as she doesn't like attention or fuss...that is of course what she got!

There were baloons, party poppers, flowers, sweets, present after present and of course....a cake! We all mulled over ideas for the cake which at one point included, coffins, leopard print and Christmas (because she hates it!) but in the end I decided to make her a cake I knew she'd really love. In fact if there is anything she really does love it's chocolate, Cadbury's and Rolo's to be precise!

So for the bottom I covered it in a layer of vanilla buttercream and covered it with chooclate fingers, you need two boxes for this as I only had about 4 left over, so don't eat any before you've finished covering it! I would however advise that you buttercream the top of the base and place the 'top' of the cupcake on before you add the fingers as if the base isn't tall enough it could push the fingers back out.

I decided to keep the top quite classic with vanilla buttercream piped with a 1M Wilton nozzle and then I placed a rolo in the middle of each buttercream rose and also one on top. For the front I made an ivory fondant heart and piped onto the front dots and the wording 'Jog On'....don't worry it wasn't mean, she loves this humour! :) I then gave it all a liberal dusting of pink edible glitter and tied some cream and brown ribbon around the bottom - which also helped keep the fingers in place!

Luckily she loved it and shared it all around the office...it's almost like we're going to miss her isn't it :(

Nom! x

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