Sunday, 21 October 2012

Vintage Button Wedding Cake Pops

This post is actually a couple of weeks in the making now and I've been a bit absent - but it's been manic! But more of that for another post.

Two weeks ago I was asked to make some cake pops for a friend's wedding, cake pops for weddings are getting so popular now I love making them! I wish I could show you some pictures...but...well the dancefloor and the wine called so I have very few. I did however manage to get some pictures of the beautiful cake table sent to me so I could show you as I was so caught up in the Gangnam Style I completely forgot.

It was such a lovely reception with lots of quirky touches I'm fairly sure lots of people were taking notes! So I was sent a few pictures of ideas and they decided to go for some pastel coloured cake pops with fondant vintage style buttons on top, I even managed to find the exact mold online which I can't wait to use again - so many ideas!

The sponge was purple vanilla which looks great when you bite into them, held togetherwith vanilla buttercream and covered in purple, cream and pink chocolate and slightly sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

The buttons were made up from fondant as I said, pastel colours to go with the chocolate and left in the fridge to harden and set before applying. They looked really cute and the colours contrasted really nicely I think it looked really effective. They had a whole sweet table set up even with their own personalised pick'n'mix section - amazing!

I think I'm becoming slightly obsessed with cake pops, tempted to try to cake pop maker...


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  1. Love that dancing to gangnam style got in the way of taking pictures!! The cake pops and dessert table look lovely! The button mold looks like it will be lots of fun.

  2. I love your cake pops, I've never made them before, but they look like delicious nibbles of joy x

  3. They look really pretty. Nice idea for a wedding and get away from the cupcake faze.


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