Sunday, 7 October 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

I've been really busy with cake this week so only just now getting to put this post up. Last weekend I visited my dad for his birthday, which was actually wednesday but this way I got to spend the week with them in Southampton.

My dad is a very strange creature...he doesn't really like fondant...or buttercream. Madness! So when it comes to deciding what cake to make I knew there was only one choice, his favourite - my lemon drizzle! When I told him it must have been the only time I've ever heard him say he can't wait for cake! I did put him to work chopping the lemon zest as they didn't have a fine enough grater! :)

As it doesn't need decorating it meant I got to spend more time with them than in the kitchen, though of course my little brother wanted to help me make it, he's getting quite good now bless him - he was also having a pj day so did it all in his new Batman ones, complete with detachable cape!

You can find the recipe for my lemon drizzle cake here - I have to say, it's one of my favourites too. And while I couldn't decorate it properly, we did still add some candles and a little 'Happy Birthday' sign.

My little brother was a little grumpy this weekend (see above), but he loves it when I visit as I'm basically his toy. We play his games, have massive bubble bath fights and even had a dance off to 'Gangnam Style' thought somehow he ended up changing the words to 'Catch a star'.

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  1. I like it when people have specific likes and dislikes - it takes me out of my baking defaults! How could this cake be anything but great when you had the help of a superhero?

  2. Your lemon bake adorned with birthday candles look inviting. Sometimes, nothing beats a simple bake x


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