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Ace Cafe Nissan Figaro Event 2014

If you know me on Facebook, Twitter (nixabix) or Instagram (victoryrollsandmixingbowls) you'll know that I have a Nissan Figaro, and that I'm slightly obsessed with it. To the point where I can't be normal...or that healthy. But it's my pride and joy and I you'll constantly find me cleaning it, waxing it and photographing it. 

As soon as I bough it a year and a half ago I joined the Figaro club which is brilliant and the forum is a lifesaver. When I bought it I had some bits done to it, luckily there wasn't much wrong with it mechanically so I spent my money on getting new polos, roof, front seat leather, carpet re-dye, radio upgrade and I've since got a new back chrome bumper, number plate surround, re-furbished back chrome light surrounds, a bit of a respray lots and lots of love. I washed mine inside and out, worrying it wouldn't be show-worthy and that the polos on the tyres wouldn't be white enough but I'm pretty proud of it!

There's A LOT of new stuff I want, chrome wheel arches, chrome window surrounds to replace the rubber, a new bonnet, new back seat vinyl...the list goes on really. I did however make a cute back seat cover to hide all the scratches, which seem to have got a lot of interest and I may even make some to order to sell one day.

But anyway, I've made some Figgy friends along the way through various social media, Leah being one of them and she's only a few villages away, our cars even have a pretend creepy relationship (Elvis and Lady Figgins). So we both decided to go to the event (our first) and we got a lovely girl Emma (Elle on the forum) we knew in on it too so we all convoyed down together, which got us a lot of looks and I was even stopped in traffic to ask where we were all going. So we met up, took some pictures and all perved on each others cars before heading off for the Ace Cafe.

 My baby

We got there pretty much on time and somewhere navigated through London all staying together as well, pretty pleased with that effort! We all parked next to each other, more pictures taken - and so began all the car stalking. Obviously none of us had seen so many Figaro's in the same place at once so we were practically squealing, which did give us some odd looks as we went into the cafe, FULL of scary bikers guys - and there we were - with our pastel coloured little cars - and matching nails. Yep. I loved the Ace Cafe, it was the perfect venue really....they also did epic cheesy chips. Fact.

 I had planned to not really spend any money, felt I didn't need to...until I saw The Figaro Shop had a stall there...and worse, a card machine - and even worse, shiny chrome. Before I knew it I had a little crowd around Elvis while he was getting a new chrome corner bumper piece. There were actual gasps as the old corner bumper fell to the ground and pretty much erupted into rust, and pieces. But then beautifully replaced with some super shiny new chrome! Damn them and their card machine. I was pretty happy with their prices as well and I would definitely buy from them again and buying at the show meant I got it fitted too which would have been an extra cost otherwise.

Look at the rust...

LOVE the red

There were awards for best classic colour, custom colour, cleanest engine, car of the show, furthest traveled etc. And also a raffle with the top prize being a trip to Holland! I was secretly hoping to win the boot rack or a Figaro watch but alas, nothing. Next time I will definitely buy more as all of the prizes were brilliant.

 This beauty won 'car of the show'

 I nearly bought a black one, mob car - beauts

It was lovely to meet some of the guys from the forum (you'll spy Mr Boatman in some of the pictures!) and swap tips, check out each others cars and even go topless (the car, people!). There was one purple one that had a crazy interior but it was locked all the time and the owners nowhere to be seen so that was a shame.

 This purple was STUNNING

This purple one with the cool number plate had the great interior (below) shame it was never open

I LOVE THIS PINK CAR! Gorgeous as Lady Figgins - and check out out the white light surrounds!

I have to say my favourite car was a pink one that came a bit later (below), the owner had only had it three weeks but it was stunning! And I love how the back lights had been painted white rather than been chromed, I've never seen that before and have a spare set so am seriously tempted to try it.


Us three girls did a little interview for the club about how we only knew each other because of our cars, the club and stalking on the internet so look out for that popping up. Looking forward to another event we can all go to and maybe persuade some other local cars to join in on our convoy!

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