Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

I know it wasn't that long ago since I went on a big holiday, but I was SO looking forward to having four days off to just relax. I'd planned to do some shopping, eating, drinking and sleeping.

 Some cheeky Easter pin curls

On Friday I did some work on my mum's website that I'm helping her set up and I also sneaked into Cambridge to do some shopping at Hobbycraft and B&M. I've never been to B&M before and it was pretty good actually, all the home decor bits were so cheap I couldn't resist picking up these signs. We also then popped into Dunelm Mill where I got this cute little jar for my jam which I make myself before I'm a rockstar like that, and I also got another sign...I'm looking to move out soon so I thought this might come in handy at some point.

Saturday I spent time with my brothers, sisters-in-law and my nieces, we had a BBQ because you know, the sun was out so any excuse eh? My oldest niece wanted to go in my car, and I'm such a soft touch it didn't take her long ton convince me to put the roof down. My brother also does the best BBQ food ever, so it would have been rude not to go, ended up playing a lot of stupid games in the garden and then ended up spending the night after drinking a lot of Red Stag and watching trashy TV.

Sunday was of course Easter Sunday and I had one excited niece waiting to do an Easter egg hunt, I do of course have a brand new baby niece, but she was more excited about milk and burping to think about eggs. With a selections of eggs from Tesco and Poundland and also a little hunt kit I set up the garden and hid so many eggs even I forgot where some of them were! I also rocked my Easter hair again, which got shown on Sunday Brunch! Yay!

With another day off I couldn't resist hitting the shops, Primark and Tesco getting raided, I love some of the tops that I got so I will post some of them later, a cheeky kimono came top of the list. I also picked up disposable picnic bits which I thought would look really good with my car...yes I do basically buy half of the stuff I have because I think it'll look good with my car, it's a true story. Now for another short week...and probably more shopping...

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