Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Hair!

This is my first hair post, it's just going to be a mini one. I wear my hair in victory rolls and pin curls a lot, and they've always got comments and a bit of attention which is great when it's nice. 

We were at work talking about Easter and one of the lovely ladies I work with jokingly said I should turn them into little nests with little chicks for the Easter period, so I thought 'You know what? I will!' Step down Easter bonnets!

And that's exactly what I did, I used some decorations we got from Poundland that were actual little nests with speckled eggs in and I bought some cute pastel chicks from Tesco. The nests came with feathers in so I ripped those out (didn't want to look crazy, right?), I then secured the chicks with hair grips in the nests.

 I put my hair up in victory rolls but had them more flat so that they could be used to hold the nests, which I secured in place with more grips, lots of grips! I did a little Easter egg hunt for the guys at work so I had to have hair to match, and considering I always do crazy things with my hair I don't really think too many people thought much of it.

Has anyone else done anything similar?
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