Friday, 14 November 2014

Goodies from Vintage Pip! - Review

Instagram accounts a lot of my purchases over the last few months, one of the great accounts it led me to was that of Vintage Pip's, a great online store selling all the best of Aussie rockabilly accessories. Which I love as there's so much I want to buy but if I did it all separately it would be so expensive with postage so this way I can do it all in one go. I have a few more bits on the way but for now have a lot at some of these beauties I bought about a month ago.

I've always lusted after Erstwilder resin brooches, they're so cute and pretty and I've drooled over many a picture online on all of my IG friends' accounts. I just had to have one. There's SO many that I wanted but in the end I chose this Flying With Fifi brooch, I love the bird ones and I definitely want a sparrow one next. It comes in a cute box so you can keep it safe when not wearing it. It looks great on everything and I wear it pretty much whenever I can. 

Dress by Voodoo Vixen

 Top and cardigan by Collectif

My next items came from Kenzie Accessories, I love how colourful and bold their prints are. I just couldn't resist these two, the Kissable Lips brooch and Flick the Flamingo brooch in black. I haven't worn the flamingo yet as almost all of my clothes are it needs the right outfit. I've worn the lips quite a bit teamed with red lipstick and it pops on almost everything that I own.

Dress by Lindy Bop

Now I couldn't visit Vintage Pip without buying something from Jubly-Umph, I love their old tattoo like traditional designs across earring, necklaces, brooches and cardigan clips. I LOVE cardigan clips, they're not just for old ladies you know! And I own a lot of cardigans. I chose the Swooping Swallow design and it's just gorgeous, I think I need a jewellery box to keep all of my lovely things. The other designs of their I love is their sewing machine designs...they might be my next purchase!

Anyway, go check them all out you won't be able to leave empty handed!
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