Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Birthday Weekend In Amsterdam

This weekend marked my 27th birthday. I keep forgetting I'm in my 20s and I'm still waiting to feel like a proper 'grown up', does anyone else feel like that? I'll start acting like a grown up soon I promise...maybe!

Excuse the posey pics, this was my hair for the travels!

I decided to spend the weekend in Amsterdam with my best friend Sarah. My birthday was on the Saturday so we left Friday night and came back on Sunday. We landed at in Schiphol and got a private shuttle to our hotel, The Albus. We did a lot of research for hotels and where the best places were to stay in the city. Our lengthy Tripadvisor searches we went for The Albus, and it was brilliant! A 4 star digs in a European city, who could ask for more? A special shout out to Mariska on reception who greeted us and we clicked with straight away, so friendly and helpful and drew up loads of interesting places on our map for us to go to. After hearing it was my birthday the next day she sent up a bottle of fizz for us to enjoy which was a nice touch and really lovely so we downed that straight away. 

As it was late and we'd been traveling we went around the corner for a little Italian, they were so lovely in there and the food was gorgeous. Feed me cannelloni and I like you. We then headed down to the local square for a few drinks and a nose around to see what was about. 

Saturday was my birthday and I was gifted with glorious sunshine! After a lay in we strolled up into the center for some pancakes and took a tip into the Sex Museum, you can't not can you? It was terrifying/hilarious/strange/brilliant all rolled into one. A lot of pictures, art and life sized figures. They had a section with Bettie Paige and Marilin Monroe, I even set the alarm off once when I pointed into the set at a record I owned - it was extremely loud and embarrassing and I pretty much ran away!

We then spent the day strolling up and down the canals, had a peak at Anne Frank's house, the queue was insane so we just had a look. We then did some shopping and more sight-seeing and stopped for some hot chocolate. Suddenly we felt a bit lost and the map wasn't making any sense until Mariska rescued us! She saw us on the street looking puzzled and walked us back! ha. She also showed us some nice places for dinner.


When we got back we realised they'd sent up some another bottle for us! So we got into bed and got smashed watching the rugby players on TV. 


It suddenly got a bit late so decided it was time to get dolled up for my birthday meal. I bought this Lindy Bop dress before I went away (£34), I love the colour and it's nice and heavy so falls really nicely. I've got a big chest so I put a little strap top underneath so the girls weren't completely on show, I don't have enough structure going on under there to keep everything in place! 

 Excuse the filters...I just can't help it!

 I teamed it with the black cherry necklace I bought from H&M earlier that day and my Lindy Bop underskirt. I absolutely loved it and wore it out to the restaurant, which annoying I felt really self consious at. Every kept staring at me, and normally when you catch someone's gaze they look away? Nope! Kept staring, and not in a nice way so it made me feel really weird but I tried to ignore it. 

After the hefty meal we went out to an area called De Pup which had a lot of cool bars in, we drank loads so I have no idea how I didn't have a hangover in the morning. We decided to spend the rest of the day before going home doing some more shopping and seight-seeing. You can't visit Amsterdam without seeing the Red Light District, I'm quite happy we went during the day, half of the people there were the same as us - just curious. The other half were gross men getting their kicks and it did feel a bit awkward going down some of the extremely narrow streets with them behind. 

Then soon again we were back at Schiphol Airport, which by the way - was amazing. All other airports take note! They did it right, it was so easy and quick and the 40 minute plane ride was a dream. 

I just really loved this shop

I did enjoy my birthday weekend away, I loved Amsterdam in the day and the hotel was lovely. By night? It unfortunately didn't do much for me but I still had a great time with my bestie I would still go again but maybe in the summer :)
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