Thursday, 27 November 2014

Super Big Double Victory Rolls!

Last weekend I went down to Southampton for my step grandads 70th birthday, it was great to catch up with my family, have a great party and make some cake! I haven't had the chance to bake a lot recently so it was nice to whip something up. I don't have an evening to bake it and a morning to decorate so it's not my most detailed work but he loved it so that's all that mattered. If you can't tell...he might have some Canadian roots.

And any occasion of course is the perfect opportunity for me to go to town on my hair. While I try to do something nice with it every day it's the weekends when I can really have a play and try new stuff.

I've always wanted to try the double victory rolls right at the front, I often do them on the side and my hair line can be a little difficult at the front so I decided to get out the teasing brush and go to town.

They may have gotten a little out of control, but I don't care. I wish I'd taken pictures of my progress so I could show you how it went so maybe I'll do another video next time. 

I also thought I'd debut my sewing machine brooch from Jubly-Umph bought from Vintage Pip.  I wore it with my black lace Bardot top from Very and couldn't resist adding my H&M cherry pearl necklace. I have this necklace in black and red, I hear they do other colours too so I'm going to check that out this weekend.
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