Sunday, 9 October 2011

Baking Buys

Another pay cheque means another spending spree. I have to say I did go a little overboard this month, but I do have a few cake orders so I can justify it for once. You all know how much I love eBay now...all I can say is they took a lot of my money this week!

They were all good purchases though, no rubbish. All investments as such and nothing too ridiculous..I don't think.

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought the Gum Paste Flower Making Set from Wilton. It comes with 32 pieces; lots of different flower cutters, sponges to work on, a couple of tools and a book showing you how to make different flowers. I got it for only £12.88!  I tried some out in fondant in my last post which I think came out really well. I know you are supposed to use gum paste or sugar floral paste, it's really expensive though, does anyone know of any deals out there? I did get some for £4.50 from eBay which was the cheapest I could find.

So as I just said I also bought some Squires sugar florist paste in poinsettia, I have a 60th wedding anniversary cake coming up so I wanted to try to make some carnations for that, so I bought some red gum paste. I've never worked with it before so I'm hoping it goes OK, I don't know what to expect really but I will of course document it :). I'm not really sure how much you have to use per petal or piece but I'm sure I can track down some tutorials online.

On a lot of my giant cupcakes I am asked to make them really girly with hearts, flowers and stars etc. So I though I'd buy some plungers, similar to the butterfly ones in one of my last Baking Buys post. I got them in a set of three. The heart plungers came from eBay for £2.97 which is a bargain when they cost at least double in shops. The star ones came from T K Maxx which actually have some fantastic bakeware and accessories, I think it cost about £3 too.

Whilst in T K Maxx I also picked up this Wilton Writing Set, I thought it would come in handy some people like more traditional looking cakes, and they all seem to have this kind of writing on them, very italic and a bit scroll like. I thought this would be good to get the writing looking really neat and uniformed while still a bit posh.  There were smaller cheaper sets but this one was just nicer, and cost £7.50 which I thought was pretty good as it's Wilton.

Whenever I'm working with fondant I hate using water to stick pieces together, because as I'm sure a lot of you know - as soon as water touches that fondant, the sheen never goes! So I thought it was time to get some edible glue, so I can stick bits together without the risk of water dripping over the rest of the cake. I really hope this will be a good product and I think it would be really hand for cakes that need a lot of detail. This only set me back £2.29.

I've mentioned a couple of times I have a big wedding cupcake order at the end of the month and I don't think I'll get all 150 on the perspex stand I've got. I have a couple of the 23 cupcake stands you see in shops...normally they are silver but I also have a pink one, so obviously I can't have them different colours. I'm hoping to do more orders like this in the future so I invested in another silver one as then I can display another 46 cupcakes which could make an amazing amount of difference to the final presentation.  I have seen them in local shops but haven't seen one recently so I turned to faithful eBay again and snapped one up for £5.49, not bad really I don't think!

I have actually bought a couple of more things I've just bought, but I'll save them for the next post before I bore you all to death.. I think I may have a slight online shopping obsession I dread to think what the postman thinks!

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