Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sparkly 21st Giant Cupcake

So from a zombie brain cake to a sparkly cupcake, a natural transition of course!

While Monday was about creating gore, yesterday I was back creating my usual giant cupcakes bursting with pink and glitter.

This one is very similar to my last 21st giant cupcake, it was a double order from the same lady so I wanted them to be similar but not the same. This one is a chocolate sponge iced with vanilla buttercream.

This time I made the bottom 'case' part a cute girly pink colouring it with Clare Sugarflair colouring paste. The top of course didn't need any colouring and the ivory colour looks really clean and fresh next to the pink.

I think the glittery fondant cutouts worked really well last time so I used this idea again with a glittery 21, butterflies and big and small heart.  I've always found it hard to apply to cake glitter, but I stole an idea from Choccywoccydoodah where they dip a clean and dry soft brush in the glitter and tap it over the area rather than trying to gently tip it on...which never works! It also spread the glitter out more evenly.

I really am loving using the butterfly plungers, you get such good detail on them and when covered in glitter, what girl wouldn't love them?

To finish it off I tied up some pink gingham ribbon around the case, which I think I need to buy more of actually as I really don't think I can have much left on the reel now!

I will try to stop forgetting to take pictures after I've already boxed them up, I could probably display them a little better :) This is now the last cake I've got to do with week before I start the wedding order tomorrow, which I though I'd be quite nervous about but I feel really relaxed and confident about it so can't wait to start. I've also got thursday off so I can focus on it 100% with no stress. I'll get pictures up as soon as I can :) Pin It Now!


  1. Ooh gorgeous as always. You really are a master a decorating these giant cupcakes. I've just bought some butterfly cutters but not sure when I will use them! ps where do you get the cake boxes from?

  2. eBay! I used to buy them in a shop but it was 30 minutes away and more expensive, £10.25 for ten 9inch boxes which is a steal I think as I would pay about £2 each before. I've done so many of the cupcakes I can do them a lot quicker and better

    Nom! x

  3. Wow...your work is awesome! you inspire me everyday!


  4. Quick question. Where do you keep getting orders from? I'd love to make people other than my family cakes! Also, do you charge for them?

  5. I get a lot from work and also word of mouth, I also make cakes for family brithdays at ever opportunity so I have something to blog about as that helps too so people get an idea of what you can do. I do charge yeah, I've done a couple of free one, donating for raffles etc but couldn't afford to do them for free as I do so many :)

  6. Love, love, LOVE the way you've swirled the buttercream on the top - reminds me of a fabulous Van Gogh sky!

  7. Hello there,

    Im looking to buy one of your giant cupcakes for my daughters 21st, which is on the 16th of jan. I saw the picture of the cupcake with the pink 21 and glittery butterflies and hearts, and was wondering how much it would cost also p&p?

    Many thanks

    Nicola Hoad.

  8. Hiya,
    Thanks so much for the interest :) I'm afraid as I only bake from home and not a business I don't really have the ability to post my cakes, only local pick ups I'm afraid, unless your local to Cambridgeshire?



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