Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Birthday Wishlist

It's exactly one month and two days until my birthday, not that I'm counting! And to be honest I think I'm pretty easy to buy for, so this isn't a wishlist as such, in the way that I want people to buy me these things! It's more of like, in an ideal world of money and storage, I would love them :D So it's more for fun, but one day when I'm disgustingly rich and have a huge house, I can buy them all! A lot of what is featured will already have been on My Baking Wishlist, as I still haven't bought them!

One has to be the rolling pin, I think it's quite extravagant for nearly £45, from  Not On The Highstreet but it's sooooo pretty. I want to roll nothing but pastry with it, they effect would look brilliant on a pie. I just really want a porcelain rolling pin too, I only have wooden ones.

I have a bit of a mixing bowl obsession, I love them when I realised they came in more colours than just the plain brown and white, which I think it awful. I have a set of Joseph Joseph bowl which I love, and a beautiful bright red mixing bowl from Tesco which reminds me of a fireman's helmet. But the one I REALLY want is this lilac Mason Cash one from John Lewis.  It's £22 and so pretty I almost can't stand it, it just makes me want to bake a Victoria Sponge! I've seen it a few times but can never justify getting it as I already have a colourful one. But it is cute isn't it.

OK my next one is one my lust list,  I've been looking at it for ages. I'm quite traditional and even though I don't have my own place I really want my own dinner service, I think they'd be great for my baking photography too. I love this set, again from John Lewis called Pipp. It's not actually stupidly expensive, prices start from £3.49, but if you wanted the whole will set you back. I just love how it's quite traditional but with a modern twist, I love the floral patterns but it's not old fashioned at all. It comes in two main colours, blue and pink and the idea is you can buy bits from each colours and mix them so it'll look quite eclectic. Love it!

I'm really into purple it's easily my favourite colour. So it's no surprise these caught my eye in Tesco . I also love Mock Croc so it's a double win. They don't look to bright in this picture but they're a gorgeous purple colour, and patent too just like a handbag. The only problem with this placemat as coaster is that it only comes in a set of four, so you'd have to buy two which is crafty as they're £10.50 a set...still love them though :)

So the last thing on my dream list, and I'm sure you're expecting it to be a mixer - but even I can't ever expect one of those in my wildest dreams! - is an ice cream maker. I know summer is over, but ice cream is brilliant all year round and it would be great to make some great flavoured ones for Christmas. This one is a Kenwood one from Amazon for £19.97 which actually isn't too bad, again I can never seem to justify it if I don't actually NEED it, and I guess I don't. I have tried making it in the freezer before but I just can't get the hang of it.

Images from:
Not On The Highstreet, Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis Pin It Now!


  1. Great wishlist! I hope you get some if not all of them for your birthday! plus xmas is coming up...

  2. Oh my gosh that dinner set is beautiful! I wonder if its too late to add it to my own birthday wish list for tomorrow :)

  3. Fab wishlist, and all totally justifiable if they're presents!

  4. it's never too late!

    Well they are also hints for Christmas :)

  5. ooh - good list. I love that dinner set and the way you can mix and match it to stop it being too formal


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