Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Girly Birthday Giant Cupcake

I have a few orders of giant cupcakes over the next month or so, so you'll be seeing a few of them!

This one was for a colleague's mum's birthday. I got a lot of free reign with it, just told to make it very girly and cute and pink, my favourite! I really love making girly cakes as I can go all out on them and love making them excessively pretty.

As it was for someone's mum I didn't want to go too princessy, I tried to keep it cute but a bit more grown up. I'd recently ordered the Wilton Gum Paste Flower Making Set from a previous Baking Wishlist post...it will also be in my upcoming Baking Buys post as I've gone a bit spend-crazy this week! I decided to make some dasies, as to be honest these seemed the easiest as I only had fondant to work with and required minimal work as it was my first go. But they came out looking brilliant so I was really happy with them.

Another item you'll be seeing in my Baking Buys post are the butterflies, made from rice paper I got them from surprise surprise...eBay! You have to cut them out though which was a bit fiddly, but the colours are nice and strong and they look really realistic! I placed them on the flowers so they looked like they had just landed on them. I didn't want to overdo the decoration as I do think that sometimes less is more.

I decorated the bottom with crisp white fondant tied around with a pink gingham ribbon and bow. I need something nicer than pins to use to keep them in place, any ideas? I was thinking of using the ones with the balls at the end like the one on the front, not sure if you can get them in just one colour though as most sets have all kinds of colours in them.

The top is decorated with pink buttercream coloured with Sugarflair's Claret colour and piped on with a large star nozzle from Tala, I'm struggling to find the rose ones in large? I also used one of the disposable piping bags - I wasn't sure about them to begin with but I have to say I absolutely love them now I've used them a few times!

To finish off I simply used cutters for her name, kept it in white to match the base and left it there. I was tempted to carry on adding decoration but stopped myself before I ruined it! Pin It Now!


  1. What a beautiful cake! I'm sure your colleague's Mum must have been delighted!

  2. Such a pretty, pink cake! I like your rosey icing. I also struggled to find large piping nozzles. I ended up ordering 1M and 2D Wilton nozzles from ebay. Really want a 1B as well as it makes pretty frilly swirls.

  3. Cute "cup" cake.

    About the chocolate mudslides, I don't know why yours would have come out thin (glad they were still good). Did you chill the dough for an hour? Sometimes I wonder also if when it says after you've melted the chocolate to let it cool slightly, if it does that when it's not cooled to room temperature? I've had the happen when I've used melted butter in cookies and it seems to work better when everything is cooled and not even still warm. But I really don't know. Sorry. Thanks for stopping by my blog though!

  4. This looks great-I use the Wilton 1M tip too but I still want something bigger. Apparently you can buy pastry tips that are bigger but I'm not really sure what these are or where to get them!

    Also how long do you bake the large cupcakes for and what temp? I seem to be having issues.

  5. I do 180 celcius for usually an hour, sounds like a long time but they really do need the long bake. It took a lot of trial and error for me too.

    It's only because I have a wedding coming up and I want the biggest nozzles I can get but I'm sure mine will be fine if I can't get any others

  6. An absolutely stunning cake! Puts my efforts to shame! I really love the decoration. I should try fondant icing for the bottom next time.

  7. Well I've done a lot of them now so I have got better, they were pretty plain to behin with though, I never used to ice the bottom, but I think it really adds something


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