Friday, 27 April 2012

Baking Buys!!

I feel like I've been slacking a lot with these baking buys posts, probably because I'm trying to be good with my money...or I've just been spending it all on clothes instead?

I've been wanting to put this post up earlier but wanted to wait for the last of my post to arrive so I could show you all :)

As you may know, because I've been banging on about it for AGES, I'm making my brother's wedding cake in June. It's going to be chocolate (yay), chocolate brown fondant, ganache and a huge sweep of cherry blossom running up the tiers. I love baking and decorating gadgets and I was sooo happy when I found this cutter and mold set for cherry blossoms from eBay. I even managed to do a bundle purchase and add on some petal dust to go with it, bish bash bosh! I got the whole set for £11 which is the cheapest I could find so I'm pretty happy with that and it will save me a heap of time all I need to get now is the gum paste and I can start practicing.

Also for the cake I've been hunting for a bride and groom topper, this can't just be any old topper though. My brother is slightly lacking in the hair department so the normal ones you see in shops wouldn't exactly work. I saw this cute couple in Hobby Craft for £10.99 each which I thought was quite reasonable, they're not edible so they get to keep them which is really nice too I think...I do wonder why the bride wasn't allowed a nose though? :)

My shopping spree in Hobby Craft didn't end there though. I also picked up another Wilton 1M piping nozzle...I've lost mine!! It was only £1.99 which was a complete bargain I thought so I bought anyway and I don't care if I find it tomorrow now...I'll probably lose it again anyway. I also saw this Wilton foodcolouring, I've been trying so hard to make magenta buttercream and while I don't actually know yet if this will work the sticker on the top gives me great confidence! (even if it is called 'Rose'....) Now my next purchase has actually featured in an earlier wishlist post and I finally decided to get it :D, just wish I had sooner. The Wilton Rose Candy Molds, I think little rose chocolate would look really sweet on some of my giant cupcakes or even just normal cupcakes come to think of it!

My mum bless her got me these a little while ago but have been saving them for this post. She picked them up at the garden center as a surprise, naughty mum! There's a new cake decorating range stocked 'Kitchen Craft', I've been saying for ages they need to stock more cake supplies so I don't have to keep going to far flung little towns or online so I'm really happy they've started to. My mum picked up this cake lifter (yay, been wanting one for AGES), I love the little 'Sweetly Does It' print on the handle - too cute. and these cake pop sticks which will come in very handy!

Now for one of my favourites...I know...ANOTHER tin! I literally can't help myself. Freia is Norway's equivalent to Cadbury, and recently they've started to make these chocolate chunk biscuits which I love, and on the packet is a biscuit tin in the style of their famous packaging. As soon as I saw it I said that if they ever released this tin I would just have to buy it. And they did! And it huge!! When I went looking it was all sold out - of course. But luckily one time my mum managed to find one and again I've been saving it for this post. It's so big I really have no idea how she got it in her hand luggage it must be at least 25cm high! This is a tin I will definitely not bake in!

And finally just a little last mention for these cute cupcake cases and toppers. I got them from Poundland what a bargain. I did actually see some fairly identical from Wilton in Norway...for £6 a set! I have nothing to use them for yet but I'm sure my niece and little brother will be dying to use them when they get their hands on them.

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  1. Wow, you got some great goodies! I love the bride and groom and can't wait to see what you do for the wedding cake! The cake lifter looks really useful, and the inscription is sooo cute :) x

  2. Nice selection! You won't regret the cake lifter; when I got mine I would've bet it was an item that would sit in the cupboard and never see the light of day - wrong! I use it all the time

  3. Hi , was attracted by your name blog, one of my daughter's favourite words ! Plus all your sentiments on top. Chocolate moulds are the best I use them most of the time and eat them of course, Quality control of course :-)

  4. I'm always envious when I read your baking buys post. I saw the cake lifter at cake international and debated about buying it. In hindsight I really regret not buying it :( Where did your mum buy it? I bought some coloured cake pop sticks at Cake International but I'm so bad at making cake pops!

  5. Wow, what a spree! I so wish I had a Hobby Craft near me but it's about 30 mins drive up the motorway and I rarely go. The Wilton gel colours are very good compared to supermarket liquid colour although I am now converted to Sugarflair paste. I found with the Wilton gel that with colours like red or black you still needed a heck of a lot of gel to get the desired effect.

    1. I haven't tried any Wilton ones yet this is my first one, all of mine are Sugarflair too, love them!

  6. I am LOVING that cake lifter!!!! I want one!!!!


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