Monday, 30 April 2012

I Hate Mondays Cake Pops!

Last week was a horrible week at work it was so busy we all felt physically drained by the end. So a few of us thought we'd cheer everyone else up by making cakes for Monday, have a little bake off. 
I had planned to make some cake pops and a batch of snickerdoodles, but as soon as I put a picture of my cake pops up online I soon realised that I didn't have I put the snickerdoodles back on my 'to bake list' and made another batch of cake pops instead.

Monday's are always manic at work and while cake was a great idea, I think everyone went slightly mental on the sugar so it may have to be toned down next time! In the end we had my cake pops, shortbread, a pink ombre cake which was brilliant and also a shop bought cake which didn't make it 5 minutes after tasting for us to realise we were being tricked! There's still loads another hyperactive day tomorrow perhaps?

Now for my cake pops I went for a variety, there are loads of different designs I have been wanting to try so this was a great excuse. All of the cake pops are dipped in white chocolate, in my first batch I made the standard hundreds and thousands dipped ones, then I got more adventurous with the pink leopard ones that I've been wanting to try forever and finished off with little pink owls with pink wings and yellow feet which are just too cute.

For the leopard ones I used a brush to dab on some pink petal dust and gave them a rough outline with black food colouring paste, the trick is to not outline them completely so they look more realistic. I really do love these and am tempted to invest in some other colours for more looks.
As for the owls, I coloured the chocolate pink and when they were cool I piped some pink royal icing on for ears, and writing icing to make the eyes and beak. In hindsight I wish I'd make the ears out of the cake and then dipped them in chocolate.

For the second batch I made hearts, cherry blossom and Hello Kitty cake pops. The hearts I actually used a heart cutter to make them and after dipping them in chocolate, absolutely covered them in blue sprinkles and hundreds and thousands. The cherry blossoms ones caught my eye a while ago and I'm really happy I finally got around to trying them out. They looked really oriental and exotic I love the fine piping detail. Now I have to say the Hello Kitty ones might actually be my favourite, I just hope my niece never finds out I made them and she didn't get one! This time I did make the ears from the cake before dipping them. The decoration was quite simply but effective too with black eyes and whiskers, a little yellow nose and a cute red bow, done! I'm sure my niece will be seeing some of these for her birthday they were so fun to make :).

I think I'm becoming mildly obsessed with cake pops now...anyone know any good books?

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  1. I want to work where you work too if you have cake mondays :) what a great idea. Love Love Love your cake pops - they are soooo cute! They look so professional. I really like the Hello Kitty ones too. I've decided cake pops are not my forte! My friend bought me 'Cake Pops by Bakerella' which is a great book. She also writes a blog but I've seen a few UK based books which are helpful for stockists.

  2. These are fantastic - I love the Hello Kitty ones, too, but my favourite are the leopard spot ones. I think they'd look fab in other colours. I've never tried cake pops - not sure I'd have the patience (and we seldom have left over cake!) :)

  3. that is a lot of effort!! but a great one- they all look awesome. do they taste as nice as they look?

  4. Cake pops look awesome!

  5. Gorgeous hello kitties and pink leopards. I love how you've made so many types in one session!

  6. These are sooooo cute - they're all lovely but I do have a soft spot for Hello Kitty (or "that evil cat" as Mr CC calls her!)


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