Sunday, 8 April 2012

One Direction Cake - Sweet Sixteen

Today is my cousins 16th birthday, we've had it all planned for weeks! They're visiting us at the moment for Easter/her birthday (there will be a post up with maaaaany pictures of the trip!), and as you should all know by now, I LOVE birthdays! I'm sure I end up more excited than the person who's actually birthday it is. I love shopping for presents, wrapping the presents and best of all giving them. And in true tradition...everyone gets a cake!

To say she is a One Direction superfan would be an understatement...I don't think I can put it into words so I wont try, I will however tell you that I will be attending one of their concerts with her next March in Nottingham and some of her excitement must have rubbed off on me as I would be lying if I said I wasn't the slightest bit excited myself.

We've been teasing her all week about her presents, which to be honest we were lucky even arrived as all the post gets delayed around Easter but we got lucky - thank God! For her presents it had to be a One Direction hoody, this is the ultimate must-have memorabilia for any fan - you also don't get a lot of this stuff in Norway so we knew it would go down well I just had to casually steer her away from all of the shops we went to this week that might sell it. I also know that she loved Elf cosmetics (Eyes, Lips, Face) as you can only order it from the UK online they do a couple of special orders a year so I logged on and ordered a nice selection of bits for a gift box. I did see a few bits that I wanted to get when we were out so had to sneakily buy them, like the the gift box, big red bow and wrapping paper. Claire's had a huge stand of One Direction goodies where I saw the paper and as it's a small shop I can tell you trying to buy the paper on the sly wasn't easy but I got away with it!

And of course I have to mention the cake! Again making this in secret wasn't easy and she must have known I was up to something cakey but she was banished from the kitchen until this morning. Liam Payne is by far her favourite in the group, so it had to be all about him. I found a picture of him with another fan, shamelessly cut her out and placed my cousin in -gotta love Photoshop. I got this printed on rice paper through an order of eBay and it came out really well :D. Sticking it down on the top of the cake I used royal icing to help glue down the sided without making it soggy, I also seal it down with piping royal icing pearls which also looked really cute. As this cake was all about love I used a heart to display the big old 16. To tie in the One Direction colours I placed strips of red fondant down the sides and even finished it off with some One Direction ribbon - again which I bought on eBay.

I also have to mention the Easter egg my mum found for her (eBay!!), there used to be loads of great Easter eggs like this in shops didn't there? Last couple of years have bee rubbish, so my mum found a shop on eBay that sold a One Direction cup with personalised name on the back topped with a Cadbury's egg , which in my opinion in the best kind of egg you can buy - it just tasted better in egg form doesn't it. Finishing it offf with some cellophane and ribbon to make it more special, you don't get eggs like this in Norway normally it's pretty cardboard ones filled with sweets which actually I do love too.

It's safe to say her birthday surprises went down brilliantly and all of the sneakiness was completely worth it!! Happy sweet sixteen Tina! xxxx

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  1. Happy Birthday Tina! Looks like an amazing array of presents. The cake looks stunning as always. Well done!

  2. Happy Birthday Tina!

  3. Wow it all looks amazing! Job very well done.

  4. Wow sounds like youre the best cousin ever!! It all looks great. Happy Easter :)

  5. Wow I am sure your cousin must have been absolutely delighted with all the spoiling! so lovely to see someone who gets into birthdays as much as me! I can't believe you even managed to get one direction wrapping paper - that's amazing! the cake turned out great, I love the red stripes and the picture on top is very cool!

  6. omg wow that is absolutely amazing, wish I had a cousin like you! Really want that for my 16th in a few weeks, can't beat that though!!


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