Friday, 22 March 2013

First Wedding Anniversary Giant Cupcake

Some of you may remember my first wedding cake pop order I had last year. I was very proud of my little treats in their stand looking all pretty so I was delighted when asked to make a giant cupcake for their wedding anniversary this month.

Their original order was for 50 red velvet cake pops decorated in pink and white so I kept the theme running for this cake. The cake itself was of course red velvet, you can't really get a more romantic sponge could you? Topped with cream cheese frosting it was the natural choice for event.

For the base I covered it in pink fondant dyed with claret Sugarflair colouring paste and for the top I piped rose swirls onto it with the cream cheese frosting with the famous 1M piping nozzle. To keep up the romantic feel I cut out hearts in red and pink fondant leaving a big red fondant heart for the front on which I piped 'Dave & Natty'.

I tied it all up with a love heart ribbon for the extra cute factor and a huge dusting of cake glitter it was ready for the happy couple. I haven't done a giant cupcake in a while so it was nice to make such a pretty one, I have missed my cake glitter!

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  1. You did a great job - love the aeriel shot showing all your lovely piping

  2. That's so pretty! Cream looks delicious. Bet that tasted great!


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