Sunday, 10 March 2013

Vintage Mother's Day High Tea at The River Tea Rooms

Today is Mother's Day! So I'd like to say happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there! I decided to treat mine to our favourite special treat, high tea - in our favourite place, the River Tea Rooms in St Ives. This treat was more special though, a vintage Mother's Day version to be precise.  The high tea itself was amazing as always and this time included a lovely glass of cava - we chose pink - why not? It also came served on a beautiful vintage cake stand and plates, as did the coffee before.

They accidently served the coffee in a normal cup first (which we didn't even think about first to be honest) but when it was noticed we got another in the vintage set on the house which was lovely so it all matched.

The high tea we chose came with little cheese & pickle and also egg sandwiches, a huge scone and a whopping slice of cake to boot. This is what we normally choose, but we enjoy it so much there's no need to mess with the system :) The sandwiches come with big irregular slices of cheese and chunky pickle and the egg mix is filled so deep it's like a door stop - love it.

 We always get lovely service there even when it's heaving and it's always warm, friendly and inviting. I know we'll be back for many more high teas, cream teas....and huge slabs of cake!

I also decorated the kitchen in the morning and drove my mum around in my baby (Elvis) all day to make her feel special, shame about the snow! Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Looks like a lovely tea - the sponge in particular looked great!

    Elvis is looking mighty fine too!

    1. Elvis was all clean and shiny :) The sponge was lovely, huge!

  2. is that you car? IT IS AMAZING! the perfect colour too!

  3. Ahh looks like you had loads of fun. The slice of cake looks delish! x

  4. Mmmmm, that looks really tasty! We also went for Afternoon Tea on Sunday but it didn't go very well. Complete opposite. :(

    Glad you had an amazing time though. I think I will make my next trip there!

    1. oh no that's not good! It is really nice there couldn't recommend them enough!


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