Sunday, 31 March 2013

Mary Berry's Easter Pavlova

We all saw the GBBO Easter Masterclass didn't we? If not...where the fudge were you?! I love these seasonal masterclasses, just keeping us going until the next GBBO can never see too much of Paul Hollywood really can you? My point exactly. So this show was basically just an excuse to stare at this lovely face...I mean cakes.....

Easter is probably my favourite baking time of the year after Christmas, anyone else? Normally because the sun is shining and the air is getting warmer...WRONG! So this year Easter weekend has been filled with cold winds and snow...but hey, at least there was chocolate.
Easter Sunday also happened to be my mum's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! The birthday girl decided she didn't give fancy cake this year (sacrilige I know) but would rather have a dessert. So with the idea of combining Easter and her birthday, Mary Berry's Easter pavlova seemed like a winning choice.  A Meringue base and nests filled with cream, lemon curd and mini eggs. I did leave out the candied lemon as it's just not our thing although it does look pretty in their pictures.

I'll be honest, I've never made meringue before, and I've only eaten it once. But after seeing it made on the GBBO and eating it for the first time at my brother's wedding I thought...surely it couldn't be that hard? Mary Berry whips them up in what seems like seconds, and could probably pipe them blindfolded too.

So following their recipe to the letter I dove straight in. No fear - Julia Child style. And somehow...I pulled it off! I actually found the meringue a breeze to make. I do realise it's probably nothing compared to macaroons for example, but who cares! I DID IT! I did make it a little smaller than it said to as it was only really for two of us, but not too small - it's still a birthday and Easter after all.

So the dessert was a success, crisp on the outside, fluffy and chewy on the inside with gorgeous cream, tangy lemon curd and yummy mini eggs, what's not to like? I command you all to make this now and put your faces in it as soon as you physically can. The End.

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  1. I saw this- looks amazing! I am making the Portugese Egg custard tarts tomorrow. Making my own puff pastry and all! xx

  2. Looks great - I love the swirly nests on looks like a whiter, lighter version of my chocolate cheesecake!

  3. That looks amazing! You are brave for making meringue, I have had many a disaster with over whipping the egg whites, for some reason they just never seem to work for me! Hope your Mum enjoyed her birthday!

  4. I love the idea of having the meringue nests attached right onto the base - it's so pretty! The lemon curd filling sounds delicious and somehow just right for Easter.

  5. This is gorgeous! I think Easter is my favorite too, pastel colours are what wins it for me.


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