Sunday, 17 March 2013

Paisley Park Fabric Bunting - Review

I feel like we've been treated to a few days of lovely sun this week, so much so that all I wanted to do was to throw open the kitchen windows, break out the mixing bowl and bake something beautiful. So that's what I did.

We've recently moved into our new home and the kitchen area has basically turned into a tea room of sorts, not that we mind - it's beautiful. There was something missing though, so I was delighted when Dot Com Gift Shop asked me if I'd like to review some bunting...I LOVE BUNTING! Ahem, calm, yes, I love bunting, it just makes any room look nicer doesn't it? I like to get some for every occasion I can think of to be honest.

I couldn't have been happier when the postman came with a pack of *Paisley Park Fabric 7.00 am (cruel man) but who cares it was worth it. I personally prefer fabric to paper bunting - only because I use it so much and I think it hangs better with a bit of weight. Having said that I have had paper ones before that have lasted really well and look just as nice so all is well in the world of bunting no matter which type you go for.

The bunting itself is paisley, with two main colours featured, blue and red, very tea party. With a beautiful vintage feel print that matches a really nice (although expensive) crockery brand out there at the moment. The colours work really for this time of year, our house is always filled with flowers, cakes and colourful crockery so it looked great when I put it up in our tea room kitchen.

The fabric is really good quality cotton, heavy and durable, not a flimsy piece in sight. It's also 8m long  and made up of 15 pennants so it could easily reach around a good part of post rooms or stretch quite far outside. Tied together with pink ribbon that picks up the pink floral tones that runs through the design, it really is very might be staying up for quite some time I won't lie to you.

What sort of bunting do you guys prefer and when do you use it? Are we paper or plastic people? Whatever you prefer I can hand on heart..or shall I say hand on cake....say that I would recommend any from their range, it's beautiful, cute, good quality and I'm keeping it up for a very, very, very, very, very long time! :)


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  1. I love bunting too - fabric all the way, if only because the weight means it hangs better. After a few days a paper one can get a bit curly!

    Does the Valhalla tearoom take bookings?

  2. have you ever tried to make some yourself? I can picture you with a sewing machine, sewing your own baked-goods-themed bunting!! ;)

  3. Isn't their bunting great! It looks lovely in your kitchen.


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