Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sale Buys from M & Co Review

So I seem to be finding myself in M & Co more and more, some would be ashamed to shop where their mother does but I have to say since my last visit I can't believe all of the beautiful clothes they stock, especially the dresses! I don't like wearing shorter dresses and they're all a flattering length with lots of perfect rockabilly styles within their doors. 

 It was a while until payday so I lurked around the sale rail and look what I found! I was instantly drawn to this prom skirt, I don't often wear a lot of pink but it hangs so well and swishes quite nicely too, which we all know, is quite important. As I wear black pretty much all of the time this goes quite well with it and helps broaden my wardrobe quite a bit.

I think this skirt would look lovely with a little frilly underskirt - I am on the lookout for a nice one - any ideas? The skirt is now £10 in the sale. Bargain!

I also found this black luxe crepe top. I love the neck line it has a chiffon collar that's quite open but sits high enough I don't have to worry about the beasts being let lose! It fits really nice over the bust and gives me a lovely waist which is always helpful. I love the stretch this top has so it doesn't just stick out over my chest - not always the best look. 

The top only cost £12 so the whole outfit cost me £28! I added an old bolero just because I'm a girl and I hate my arms, but I love this outfit!
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