Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Voodoo Vixen Gretta Dress

I've spent so much money this month of clothes...and I don't care one bit! Well, not too much  - you can't, not when you get beauties like this turn up in the post. 

I saw this dress on Instagram modeled by the lovely SarahHplus below (follow her on Instagram!), and I knew I had to have it. It's the Gretta dress from Voodoo Vixen (£52.99) and I love these British rockabilly shops that are affordable that I'm discovering recently. I ordered a 4XL in the end which works out to be a 20, I normally get away with an 18 and occasionally a 16 depending on the stretch but it all depends on the bust so I decided to play safe and it fit like an absolute dream. 

Stunner! Need to re-create this pose!

The dress itself is black with white piping and outlining with cut outs on the bust, white fabric covered buttons going down the length of the middle of the dress and it comes with a white belt for contrast. The only teeny downside is that I am lucky enough to have a slightly smaller waist under the bad boys, so the plus size belt was a tad too long for me. But hey, I'm creative I'll just add some extra holes. I was wearing it out the night that I bought it so I didn't have time for that on the day. I teamed it with a leopard belt from Primark costing £3.00 and a huge pair of vintage leopard earrings I bought from the vintage fair in Cambridge earlier that day costing £15.00. Of course the hair went up into big victory rolls, I wore Lime Crime Wicked Velvetine lip colour which I can't live without and I added a petticoat for good measure, you can't beat a bit of swing.

I love the detail on the bust, although I do love the boobs I don't always want them on full display so I do like a higher neckline at times but that can also look a bit heavy so the cut outs help break it up a bit and frankly, looks damn cute. 


I wish I had better pictures but we just danced and drank too much wine!

I just love flared A-Line dresses, I do have one wiggle dress in collection but I'm not brave enough to wear it yet. The next dress on my wishlist is their brand new Katnis dress below (£49.99) that I saw pop up only yesterday...need. What's your favourite Voodoo Vixen dress?

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