Sunday, 21 November 2010

Inside My Cookbook!

I was given this by one of my best friends during University. I wasn't as culinary obsessed then as I am now, but I still wanted it as soon as I saw it. So on our very own pre-Christmas Day, My friend, Taz, bought me this! I vowed to fill it by the end of the year...which of course I didn't! But I'm certainly having a good go now.

Inside she added a few of her own illustrations of my favourite men/chefs such as Jack Black and Gordon Ramsey. She even added a few recipes, some hand written and some from magazines we loved. They are still in here to this day and I'll never get rid of them.

I love that this book is a binder that I can add to, and take pages out of as so many are ring-binders and you're stuck with whatever you put in there.

So for all of my own recipes that feature in this book, I have Taz to thank for as she really helped start it off...I now think I need to buy more page inserts as I've nearly run out!

And if you love it, you can buy this book in different styles from Paperchase. Pin It Now!

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