Wednesday, 23 March 2011

History Of The 7 Kinds Of Christmas Biscuits - Solved!

So regarding an older post about how we make 7 kinds of biscuits in Norway at Christmas, I mentioned how I wasn't really sure where this tradition came from and why it had to be 7, in particular. But last week I found out!

A lovely reader sent me a message after checking out the blog to explain.

"Hello, this is slightly random but I managed to click onto your blog (love the cakes btw) and happened to read about the 7 kinds of biscuits. I believe the reason for the 7 originated in the 1800's when it was the correct etiquette to serve at least 7 kinds in order to show that you were not poor (when in fact people probably were).

There's some brief info on wikipediea, although in Swedish "

So there you go! All I knew was that it wasn't proper unless you served 7 kinds, so showing off your wealth perfectly makes sense in those time. You wouldn't turn your nose up at any family that would serve you that amount, and I guess that was the desired effect. I love how society has created these baking traditions and it's always great to solve mysteries, especially as no Norwegian relative or website seemed to be able to give me an answer. So thank you very much! Pin It Now!

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