Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Super Mario Birthday Cake

For the last year, or even since he discovered Super Mario on the Wii, my little brother has been obsessed with Super Mario. It's all he wants to play, watch, see and eat! So the obvious choice for his 4th birthday cake was of course, Mario! He didn't have a clue so it was great to surprise him with it.

I started with a blue fondant ice cake and made my own stencil like image to put on top. This way I could get a big picture of Mario on the front. I then decorated the sides like a scene from the game which he went crazy over. With the classic eating plant coming out of a pipe, some hills, the brick etc etc. He loves catching the star at then end so I covered the top in yellow stars, very old school gaming, put some on wires for a bit of height and even added a couple of bigger ones.

Great for little boys and big! No one is ever too old for Mario...or cake for that matter.

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