Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fresh Yeast!

Where can I get fresh yeast in the UK I hear you ask? You can get it every easily abroad, but here it is not so simple let me tell you. I've tried most shops and places, until I did a little googleing and discovered that you can actually get it right from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's etc, but you wont find it on their shelves, you'll have to go direct to their own in-store bakery. I never even thought about it before but it is so obvious that of course you can get it from there! Most recipes need 50g of fresh yeast for a serving of dried yeast, and I get mine from Tesco for 30p per 100g, bargain! And what is great is that is freezes too so don't worry that you'll waste half if you don't need it all. Fresh yeast is crazy active, amazingly more so than dried, so don't freak out when it nealry overflows the bowl, it's amazing! Pin It Now!

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