Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another Birthday...Another Giant Cupcake!

You know I can't resist making my family and friends giant cupcakes so my stepmum's birthday was no exception! I don't think I've been able to make her a birthday cake before shockingly so I thought it was about time I rectified that.

This would also be a great time to squeeze in some cake time with my brother, he connects me with baking so I always try to get him involved with something every time I come down. I had to bake the cake before I arrived this time as I wouldn't have time to do it all there,  but he could help with the decorating, the best bit in his eyes as he gets to eat the decorations along the way!

I wasn't able to bring all of my decorating stuff with me obviously, so I took a few bits I thought would look nice but wasn't able to take any fondant, or buy any the next day so for the first time I decided to buttercream the was a new experience and while it was tricky to get it looking neat, I thought it made it look a bit more like a cupcake case as you could see the grooves more.

I did the bottom in vanilla buttercream and the top in pink using Claret Sugarflair food colouring paste. It's really strong so I only needed a dab of it. I love how nice it looks when using the 1M Wilton nozzle, it may have permanently replaced my other nozzle I've been using...sorry other nozzle but you're out!

I wanted it to be cute, but quite simple for my brother to decorate as I wanted him to do most of it on his own for her. I brought some white and pink sugar pearls, ricepaper butterflies, white chocolate stars and gold cake glitter.

I did help a bit but mostly he put all of the bits on himself, I did most of the glitter as it's so easy for that stuff to go EVERYWHERE!

Bless I think he did a great job on decorating his first giant cupcake for his mum and she loved it. It's worth saying that my little brother cannot keep secrets....he can't physically hold the words in his mouth it's so funny, and even though his mum knew about the cake - he decided it was a surprise and didn't actually tell her one thing about it until she saw it so he was super chuffed he kept it as a 'complete' surprise! :) Pin It Now!


  1. So gorgeous! Love the buttercream roses! I just stumbled upon your blog and now I am following you. :)

  2. Your little brother is so cute!! He did a great job with the decorating. You know I'm a big fan of your giant cupcakes - I must try piping like this next time although it will probably be a disaster!

  3. Fab-u-lous!! Now can I have a huge slice please :)

  4. My piping is kind of 'make it up as I go along' just do it in rows and fill up the gaps! You'll do great!

    I think I have a mild obsession with making these...

    Nom! x

  5. Beautiful cake - I love how you always get such lovely blended swirls of colour in your buttercream. The butterflies look like they've just settled on the sweetest thing they'll ever find!

  6. Gorgeous as always! Made that extra bit special by your little helper. Hes a cutie and he sounds so funny.

  7. This is by far my favourite looking one that you have done! Really pretty!!

    oh, I have a new blog x


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