Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mini Cupcake Maker Baking Session

I was sent this super cute mini cupcake maker from Find Me A Gift a little while ago and I've been meaning to give it a proper review ages ago but a lot of stuff came up and it had to be set aside for a while. I was also holding it back to try out with my niece as it just screams her, anything pink girly and sweet! I knew she would be the toughest critic.

It would also be a great time to try out her new mixing bowl set I got her for Christmas, the bowl is shaped like a cupcake case, it's soooo cute. It came with a cupcake mix, which I usually hate using, but as it was part of her set I thought we could give it a go for ease. The mix was a standard vanilla mix, but we added some smarties to make them more child-appealing.

So the maker, it makes mini cupcakes, we put the batter in on its own, naked! As they're made for mini cupcakes it would have been difficult to find cases to fit but I suppose you could use the petit four cases you get in the shops. The cupcakes cook in 3-5 minutes, I did at them for about 5 I would say but probably not more than 7 for ones we probably over-filled. The lid is also domed so the cakes don't stick and burn to the top which helps.

It reminded me a little of when I was younger and had a microwave oven, who seriously - 18 mintues to cook a couple of chocolate muffins? That's insane! But the magic came back! It's also a lot safer so kids can actually help with spooning in the mix etc, but the baker gets very hot so you have to be very careful! (Don't you love my niece's whisking technique? About to start a fire I love it!)

I had heard from other people that sometimes the cupcakes could be raw in the middle so I was a little anxious as to how they would turn out and I'll be honest I wasn't expecting much. And I have to say, they came out brilliant, they popped out of the holes with ease and cooled in minutes. This is particularly important when baking with a child, you can't let them get bored so you don't want to leave the decorating time too long.

We made up  some runny icing and I set her up with an assortment of cute decorations. My niece is the most well behaved girly I have ever met so I had no worries about letting her loose with cake glitter, sprinkles, rice-paper butterflies and sugar balls.

She got stuck into the decorating and couldn't wait to eat them! I was even surprised by how they tasted, it was odd to have one that didn't come in a case though. I was really impressed with her decoration skills too I'll make a cake decorator out of her yet :D

Overall I loved the cupcake maker, but I would say I wouldn't use it for myself as I love using cases and they're quite small and I prefer to do them all at once if possible. But I think it's absolutely perfect for children, fast baking time, cooling time...and eating time! It looks really cute and is easier for them to use than attempting the oven. My niece has now inherited does match her baking stuff after all. Pick one up online for £19.99

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  1. Your little niece is such a cutie! That last picture is priceless, I pull the same face when I get a cupcake too.

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  3. Mums got the normal size cupcake maker. If you like using cases get one of them as they take normal size cupcake cases I think they're brill!!! Also HOW did you get sent this? did you buy it or did they just send it? Please inform me cos I would LOVE to do customer reviews

  4. This is probably my new fvourite picture of her it's so cute!!

    They contacted me about doing a review and sent me one. I'm so happy it was a great item I love giving gadgets a nice review :)

  5. I'm not usually a fan of things like this but this one looks a really good idea - particularly as it's perfect to get children involved in baking but not get bored.
    I think your niece did a brilliant job!

  6. She's so adorable! I love the way they were decorated, very sweet and girly! :)

  7. The cupcake maker looks so cute - what a nice gift. I love the pink and girliness of this post :)

  8. Nanny helped her decorate as well. We had a lovely Sunday morning together.

  9. Bless her she looks so please with her creations and rightly so! Love the butterflies on them.

  10. Your niece looks so cute! She did a brilliant job of decorating. Glad you both had fun with the cupcake maker - I agree that it's definitely more for kids as I personally prefer to use the oven!


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