Saturday, 14 January 2012

Baking Buys - Viking Edition

I've been promising this post for AGES I know, so I thought I better hurry up and get it done while I still remember what I bought. These are items I bought in Norway, they have some great cooking /baking items that you just don't get here.

 There's only two here that I didn't buy but was given. The fist is my cupcake chopping board, I absolutely love it. And it's the only one not from Norway. It's a Christmas present from my brother, I forgot that I asked for it until he reminded me so it was a nice surprise. I didn't expect it to be so big I forgot that it's made from brilliant wood so has a good level of chunk on it, perfect for all my baking needs. If you hadn't realised by now...I love cupcakes!

I mentioned in a previous post that my second cousin gave me her gingerbread house cutter set. I hate having to measure it all out with baking paper templates they also end up wonky. So cutters are perfect, and Norway is the land of gingerbread so I knew they'd have some so it was a lovely surprise to be given two sets! Christmas kind of passed us by this year so I already can't wait to try them out this year! This leads nicely to new cookie cutters, with gingerbread in mind of course. Norwegians love their moose, anything that can feature a moose, they sell. Oven mitts, car sticks, cheese slicers (yes I have one!) and also cookie cutters. So I just HAD to buy one :D. Also they love using pig shapes at Christmas, they're huge on marzipan and they always come in the shape of a pig...I think it's because they're Christmas dish is rib of obviously you shape marzipan this way? Either way they love it, so another addition to the gingerbread cutters family, welcome.

Finally some Wilton nozzles! I have a couple already but not THE all know which one I mean... 1M! I've thought about buying it online for ages but as you can't actually see how big they are I'm worried that they won't make a big enough swirl. None of my local cake decorating shops (not that there are many) stock this one so I was so happy to spot it over there. I bought it without hesitation, I also picked up another big swirly one 1B and 252 that makes buttercream hearts! I'll post some pictures as soon as I have a chance to give it a go.

Now doughnuts....we all love them, I could eat them everyday. But I usually find them so hard to make as I never knew you could get a little cutter for them! I always end up having to cute a round cutter and a shot glass to get it to work so this will make them far easier to make...probably not the best idea after Christmas but who cares!

The other item is brilliant and I never knew it existed. It's for turning and hooking the doughnuts, amazing! I always try to do it with two random pieces of cutlery and just hope it works.

One item I couldn't find was a Goro Iron. It's a type of biscuit you make using an iron, a bit like when you make waffles but obviously like a biscuit. They're a bit like my krumkaker but flat with a cute pattern. I will keep looking as I will be going back regular at the moment, I will not be beaten!

I stopped at my favourite cake decorating shop there Cacas. It's beautiful and girly and I could happily live there and they're really helpful too.  It's quite expensive when you work it our in English but so nice to find a shop where it's all in one place. I did find a brilliant bargain, these Wilton cake decorating yearbooks, five for £20 when one there costs £17! They've got some amazing ideas so I'm sure I'll rip one off sooner or later so keep your eyes peeled! Pin It Now!


  1. I love having a peek at all of your baking goodies.

  2. You got some great items. I especially love the idea of that gingerbread house cutter set. I've never seen anything like that here in the U.S. (And, I also think your recent giant-cupcake posts are just completely adorable!)


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