Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thinking Light - Green Tea?

I know I'm a massive lobbyist of indulgent baking, and that isn't about to change. But I feel so bloated after Christmas that I need to detox a bit! My baking will remain full fat and full gorgeous..I'll just have to make more people share my treats with me so I don't eat them all myself :D

Basically I'm going to try to mainly eat a bit healthier, cut off extra fat, hit the gym more (as I am paying for it!) and make better choices.

One thing I've always been intrigued about is green tea, has anyone tried it? I'm known for HATING tea and coffee as I hate the flavour but green tea isn't like that at all and I have had a few cups before but never stuck it out as I was a bit younger more into Fanta!

It's great for cleansing your system (without staining your teeth!), and a lot better than full on coffee. My brother drinks it as he doesn't let coffee into his system after 8 pm and I think this could be a good idea when it comes to dieting and detoxing in general right?

I've never really known much about this tea before so I did a little research on Twinings.
- Key difference between green and black teas? Green isn't oxidised, whereas black tea is ("oxidation" is just the natural reaction of the tea with air that affects strength and colour in black teas)
- The leaves often go through a short period of withering to remove moisture
- The leaves are lightly steamed or pan-fried to stop the tea oxidising
- Twisting or rolling follows, freeing the aromatic juices that you'll enjoy later!
- The leaves are naturally dried or gently heated, removing nearly all moisture
- Finally, leaves are graded by quality
"Thought to have been 'discovered' by Emperor Shen-nung in 2737 BC!"

Twinings to me is the ultimate tea brand, if I ever were to fall in love with regular tea, which is shocking that I don't as it goes hand in hand with cake - then I think it would be this Twinings New Green Teas box I'd be picking up from the aisle.

Also working in an office most people have a cup every hour or so, it gets a bit boring sitting with my squash all of the time.
Actually Twinings are offering a free sample of green tea on their website at the moment, it's always nice to have a little extra isn't it, you can also buy it online too :)

They're also packed full of antioxidents, I'm really trying to make small changes to help my body function a little better, so as I can't quite give up the cake...then indulging building up my personal little tea shop could always help, even if just a little.

Is anyone else thinking of trying the whole body cleansing idea? Has it worked?  I was actually also thinking that some people make an Earl Grey cake....I wonder if it would work with green tea?? Maybe in a loaf like the one above?

Images taken from Twinings and
Article commissioned by Performics

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  1. I don't do detoxes or cleansing. I don't mind drinking green tea though. I have made both earl grey and green tea cookies and they've turned out well. I am making a few healthier recipes this month on request but I love my "fat" treats and will always be making them. It's good to balance it out of course :)

  2. I don't really drink tea or coffee either and I'm always the squash girl at work too. Although, I have recently got in to peppermint tea which is yum and good for you, I think. I've only had green tea with lots of sugar post dinner but I have made cupcakes with it and it was nice.


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