Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pandora Giant Cupcake

So here's my first giant cupcake post of the year, knew it wouldn't take me long :)

This week was my best friend's birthday, I was intending on making her a girly gingerbread house to mark the event, but as I've been away I wasn't able to do one in time, and as I know she's always liked my cupcakes I thought that one of these would be a nice second choice.

For my birthday in November she bought me a Pandora bracelet and charm, and as she was a bracelet herself it has now become our thing. She absolutely loves Pandora so it was an easy decision when it came what to buy her for her birthday, charms of course!

I also thought this could be a good theme for her cake. Last year I made her the super pink girly cake, so I wanted to do something different.

I did the base a clean white like the boxes you get the charms in and tied a wine coloured ribbon around it which is another coloured featured in the boxes. The top I used a plain buttercream mix, I used a new piping nozzles I bought in Norway which I will feature in a new Baking Buys post which is overdue. I finally got my hands on the Wilton 1M nozzle which is the ultimate for rose swirl icing nothing else matches up I'm afraid - it is amazing! I always held back from ordering it online as was never sure of how big it was in real life.

Using fondant I made the bracelet and a few charms styled on ones I knew she had/liked. I used the Dr.Oetker silver spray on them to make them look a bit more blingy! I also made the Pandora logo for the front from fondant and the spray which I think really completed the look.

To really make it a bit more special I thought I'd add a cake topper, I haven't done this to a giant cupcake before but I think it turned out really well. I ordered some pearl beads in the colours of her bracelet from eBay and used a few clear sparkly ones too. I'm really getting into these cake toppers now I want to learn how to make wire hearts for them next.

She loved the cake as it was a surprise, I love making cakes for my friends as they're so personal and can always base them on something they really love. Pin It Now!


  1. just came across this from your twitter - it's so cute!!! I used to work for Pandora, hope you've got the cupcake charm!! x

  2. It's on my wishlist! Thanks for the blog love :) x


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