Friday, 2 March 2012

Birthday Beach Cake! - Seigmenn Kake!

Looking at these pictures you may think this cake is for a no...this cake was for my supervisor! It all started when I brought back these jelly men sweets from Norway, I only bought them as I needed to get something from duty free one day and thought these would be good to share around the office. Well now we are all addicted to them, they're Norway's answer to jelly babies, which I absolutely hate, they're hard, covered in powder...yuck. Jelly men however are soft, covered in sugar and just completely different. Anyway my supervisor absolutely loves them so it was a no-brainer when it came to deciding what sort of cake to do.

The obvious choice was to make a scene involving them, so a beach scene seemed a natural choice. This again was a cake I made up as I went along and luckily I think it came out really cute, it was really easy to do too so it didn't take too long.

I made the bottom fondant a sand colour my mixing Melon Yellow and Dark Brown Sugarflair pastes. For the top I covered half in plain buttercream and the other half in blue mixed with Baby Blue sugarflair paste. I made it look a bit more 'ocean' like by swirling some colouring paste through it and dusted with with cake shimmer.

For the sand I thought I would crumble up her favourite biscuits, malted milks, they're perfect sand colour too which helped, I did learn though it is hard to stick decorations to crumbs, you really have to push it down so it hits the buttercream underneath otherwise it just slides off!

The decoration was easy, cut a few jelly men in half and made them swimmers, then cut a hollow easter egg in half, making it a boat and added a couple of passengers. I'm not sure why I added the flag really I just thought it fitted in and made it look a bit more like a boat. Then for the beach part I made some fondant towels and some sun-burnt sunbathers, giving them little suits I thought they were so cute! I did think about adding a shark fin to the ocean but thought I'd leave it as a peaceful cake!

I even added a few white chocolate starfish and a big gold ribbon to finish the look. As an extra little surprise by hollowing out a bit in the middle and filling it with buttercream and another jelly man!

I have a fun cupcake job for my company coming up next week so look out for my next post :) Pin It Now!


  1. The jelly men in the boat are the most awesome thing ever!

  2. I have a giant cupcake mold too and loves the look of the jelly-men sun-tanning on top of this cupcake. Will bookmark this idea!

    You got lots of baking and decoration ideas in your blog and I would love to follow you for more! I'm your latest follower :D

  3. How cool! Love the idea wish I had seen it as I had to do a ocean inspired cake lastyear and I failed miserably - I can never get things to like they are supposed too! I might just have to do one with a camper on top - as at least that is box shaped I might manage it.

  4. Absolutely love this! We have Norwegian friends and they always brought us Seigmenn - love them. What a creative cake!


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