Wednesday, 7 March 2012

So Mother's Day is coming up and we've been asked by Find Me A Gift to think about what makes our mum so special.

We have a different relationship to most I think, it's only me and my mum and home (OK and Norman, but he's a baby tortoise so I don't think he counts), and after growing up in a house full of boys it's nice to be able to have a house full of quirky kitchen signs, nights in with wine and cheesy DVDs, pamper evenings, dreadful zumba and epic cooking/baking sessions.

We're very similar, sometimes this is good...sometimes bad! But it soon passes and we're back to talking about how upset we are that Dr. Christian from Embarrassing Bodies is gay or fighting over what we want to see at the cinema next.

The last couple of years have been difficult in lots of ways so we've been making it our mission to experience new and exciting things and have more fun as often even if just discovering a new place to gorge as we can. Over the last year for example we have seen The Monkees in concert to watch her true love Davy Jones (yes she is gutted about his passing and I rang her like a crazy woman from the bus!), moved in our girls only house, went to Turkey,  spent a brilliant weekend in Brighton and completely fell in love with it bordering on obsession, saw Alan Carr stand up, discovered the brilliance that is YO! Sushi, getting sunstroke after only apply what was basically milk on holiday, both bought iPad 2s, Met the Great British Bake Off Judges, searched for sea turtles, beat the kids waiting to see Toy Story 3 in the queues, ambushed Choccywoccydoodah, nearly setting our family church in Oslo alight during the Easter service, stalked and met Seasick Steve on a flight back from Norway, walked across Abbey Road - The Beatles stylee, went ghost punting, thrill seeking at Thorpe Park, doing the YMCA down the log flume, stuck the car back together with chewing gum in Southampton, swimming in the ocean with the urchins! We also have a weekend away nearly ever month until July to Barry Island (Gavin and Stacey tour!), Lincolnshire for a birthday and Lyme Regis for my brother's wedding. I'm sure there's so many other random things we've done but there's just too many to mention!

We've also been asked for a little verse, now I'm not exactly a poet so I thought I'd go for something I would have put in a Mother's Day card when I was little!

Over the last year, we've had some random times,
we're traveling the country, escaping parking fines!
We waited for Davy Jones, pushed other fans out of the way,
We made him sign your hand, what else could he say!
Taking over your kitchen, there's usually cakes everywhere,
putting up with the angry baker, you must be in dispair!
updating your technology, no more Nokia for you,
With Facebook and Skype there's not much you can't do!
So let's have another exciting year,  more random times to come,
I couldn't be much luckier, to have you as a mum!

I know most girls say it but my mum is my best friend,  she's mental, we laugh about ridiculous things to the point we cry away all of our make up. Try to do practical things like carry a chest of draws to a skip and end up walking like drunk girls in stilettos, then laughing so hard about it everyone else again, thinks we're mental, using Norwegian when we're out and need to moan about someone in the queue at Tesco. We clash, we bicker, we get over it, blast Lady Gaga from the car stereo and sign along to Daydream Believer at the top our lungs! Consume box-sets, indulge in high tea afternoons and without doubt cook the best Christmas dinner's known to man.

Through kitchens covered in icing sugar, sulky tortoises and cars breaking down we get through it one random experience after another, let's see what random celebrities we can stalk this year, how many kids we can beat to the front of cinema queues and how many Norwegian baking traditions we can actually get through (there's so many!)

 I hope everyone enjoys their Mother's Day, spoil her with breakfast in bed, a homemade card and find some great mothers day gifts.

Love you Mum <3

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  1. Lovely post - I got misty eyed reading it.

    I have one request - a photo of Norman please, he sounds ace!


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