Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rose Swirl Buttercream Birthday Cake

Another birthday! I love making birthday cakes, this one was for (stay with me) my Sister-in-law's brother's girlfriend's birthday! I've actually been wanting to do a fully buttercreamed cake for a long time but wasn't sure if I was going to until the last minute.

This gave me an excuse to use my expandable tin again, I will not let my boredom of lining what feels like a million sides of the tin ruin it! Also I baked and decorated it in the same night and my giant cupcakes take forever to cool, these cool far quicker - also I just fancied doing something a bit different.

I decided to keep it fairly simple and do the same piping style all in the same colour, I know I keep saying it but I really need to stop my so obsessive with the Wilton 1M nozzle....but I love it so much! I thought you just can't go wrong with baby pink icing either can you, it will always look pretty especially when teamed with the rose swirl pattern...though I did worry it looks a bit like a brain? Anyone else?

I wanted to keep it fairly simple but still cute so I decided to make a little cake topper with glass and pearl beads, I really want to try make those that have all the shapes on the end, are they made from gum paste? With the cake topper in mind I thought I'd keep with the pink and silver colour scheme.

Getting the Dr.Oetker silver spray out again I cut out some fondant butterflies and of course matched them up with some old school silver balls, I still love that some people have never eaten brother included...madness! How has anyone had a homemade birthday cake without any of these on????

The sponge itself is vanilla, which again I think looks lovely with the mounds of pink buttercream encased around it, last time I found the layers were a little thin so I added an extra cake mix to the tin and that really beefed it up...I also completely underestimated how much buttercream it would need and it swallowed up 6 batches! Madness! Worth it though :D

She loved the cake and the amount of buttercream seemed to make everyone happy, even two random children outside their flat that saw my carry it to the door screamed 'CAKE!', ran over and who I honestly and seriously thought were thinking of stealing it...I feared for my cake's life...luckily it escaped unharmed! Pin It Now!


  1. That is some fancy-pantsy decoration going on there! Love it! and I'm not surprised that your sister's uncle's friend's dog's owner's boyfriend's mother's lawyer's gardener's roses (Did i get that right?) dide either! Brilliantly executed and I'm all for a bit of adding airy height to a cake. :)

  2. that looks beautiful!

  3. That looks really lovely. I never to completely butter ice a cake.
    I saw you said you thought it was a little thin before (if it was like mine it hadn't risen properly maybe I don't know) I got a tip from my MIL which makes rise a bit better and come out light and fluffy. When you add your flour etc add in a tablespoon of oil. I did it for a cake and it made it really lovely, light and fluffy =)

  4. I must learn how to do this!!

    It looks fab!! Not like brain at all :-)

    xx Kat xx

  5. for me, buttercream beats fondant everytime - if only for eatability! Your rose swirls are always so beautiful...I am envious!

  6. How absolutely stunningly beautiful! Any tips on perfecting the stunning buttercream swirls?!

    1. Start from the inside (a tip given to me), and don't rush it :)

  7. This is absolutely beautiful!

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys!


  9. Beautiful I have been wanting to attempt this for a while - if you feel down look at the photos of your wonderful cake that's what I do!

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