Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pink and Chocolate 30th Birthday Cake

It has certainly been all about cake in the last two weeks and I have to say I'm knackered! I've had many nights of broken sleep waking up with crazy lazy panic thoughts about the cakes - anyone else? Although I have absolutely loved all of my recent creations so it was all worth it in the end. I started with my pink and white cake pops, Manchester United giant cupcake (blog post coming soon) and this week I had my friend's 30th birthday - a great reason to make a nice fancy cake and try out some new techniques, as if I need an excuse!

It's been ages since I've done a big proper cake so I couldn't wait to get stuck in. The cake itself is a two tiered vanilla and chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream. She loves chocolate so it was the only choice really.

I 'became' Peggy Porschen (or at least I told myself I was!) and decided to keep the chocolate theme but make it a bit more girly (surprise surprise my favourite theme! :D) with using pink fondant icing. The bottom tier is pink with chocolate brown circles, decorated with an italic 'L' for Lisa and polka dot royal icing decoration around the edge.

I have to be honest and say the top tier nearly didn't make it (it nearly went in the bin!), I for some reason just couldn't get the icing to sit on it nicely without any folds - it was driving me mental! I then had the crafty idea of doing the 'suitcase' look to cover up the fold and give it some cute detail. I made up some 'leather' fondant straps and gave them seams with a cocktail stick, luckily they matched up perfectly to cover the bits I didn't like.  I'm quite obsessed with piping detail at the moment so couldn't resist adding some cute royal icing designs in-between the fondant straps.

I wasn't really sure what to do on the top, I didn't really feel like a cake topper would look right but then I had the genius idea of adding her favourite chocolates...Ferrero Rocher! I did initially want to pile them up like in the advert but it looked a bit silly so I thought just to dot a few around symmetrically, and do some more polka dot piping in a circle around the top of the straps to frame the chocolates.

As you all know by now I love adding bows to cakes. I've always used real ones but this time I thought I'd have a go at making a fondant bow which I've never done before. I let them dry for two/three evenings (honestly I can't remember which I think I might be slightly hysterical from all the baking) and it worked brilliantly which I really didn't think it would. I ran some more fondant around the end of the first tier at the bottom and stuck the bow on the front with two extra ribbon pieces running down the front. I'm not so sure I could do this ribbon too much on a giant cupcake, but on bigger cakes I think I'll be doing this a lot now! I would suggest making a few bows, I did, as I've heard horror stories about them collapsing!

The cake went down really well she loved it which is all that matters :D I got some really nice comments about it too, I seem to turn up every couple of weeks with a cake for someone's birthday so they're getting quite used to it now, so expect many more in the future!

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  1. What a wonderful selection of cakes! They look awesome.

  2. This cake looks so grand and pretty! You are so skillful making this cake.

  3. Love the Forrero Roche idea! Brilliant. :) x

  4. Brilliant! Can I ask how you got the top layer to sit on the bottom layer? did you use dowels or just place one cake on top of the other? I've also read something about putting a cardboard circle on top of the bottom cake and sitting the top cake on top of that. I'm planning to make my first-ever two-tiered cake in a couple of weeks for a birthday and am a bit worried it will sink or collapse!

    1. Hiya, I used a flexible plastic tube (that I got in a box of ready rolled fondant), cut it to size and assembled it the next day so the bottom tier could set a bit. I've also heard about the layer inbetween the tiers but have yet to try it. Mine aren't too huge though so it workes, if I did a bigger cake i would probably use the thin cake board under the top layer x

  5. Wow that looks amazing!! I love how tall each layer is and the colours look great.

  6. Beautiful cake - such a wonderful design that works so well with the colours.

  7. Wow this cake looks AMAZING!! I'm sure I say that about all your cakes but it's true! I love the theme and the colours. Genius idea with the ferrero rochers. I think you can be the next Peggy Porschen :)


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