Sunday, 25 March 2012

Manchester United Giant Cupcake

I've been meaning to put up this post all week, so here it finally is! This cake was actually part of the wedding order I had for last weekend but felt it needed its own post.

While the cake pops were for the wedding, this cake was actually a present for the usher in the wedding which I thought was very sweet. The theme for this one was Manchester United, I've done a couple of football cakes but not a giant cupcake so it was a good challenge.

I always make a stencil when doing these jobs it makes it so much easier and the proportions much more realistic. I'm tempted to try to pipe it next time with royal icing has anyone else done this?
I left the cut out fondant for a couple of nights to dry out and then piped on the lettering when I actually positioned it on the cake, I always find piping lettering scary even though it always worked out fine - madness.

So keeping the top buttercream light I coloured the bottom with an absurd amount of Christmas Red colouring paste, in fact I had to emergency order some more from eBay the day before as I used so much! And I'm sure you can see how I finished it off like most of my giant cupcakes...with a bow! I do worry when using a ribbon for boys cakes but as there's loads of ribbons in football, on the cups etc I'm sure it's fine.

I like doing giant cupcakes that are a bit different from the norm and as this was my first football team one I think it turned out really well...I wonder what my next giant cupcake will turn out to be I've had some great ones this year so far :D Pin It Now!

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  1. ooh another amazing giant cupcake!! This could work as an "M" for AlphaBakes :)


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