Friday, 4 November 2011

50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Giant Cupcake

Another giant cupcake! I know I've done quite a few recently but there's a lot of demand for them which is great, so of course I will supply : )

This one was a bit different, it was for a 50th golden wedding anniversary. I got a lot of free reign with this and all they said is they wanted it to feature gold and '50'. I loved the idea of the gold, it would give me a reason to try out my gold Dr. Oetker spray.

A lot of the time when I get a free reign order I don't really know how I'm going to do it just as I do it. And this one was do different. I tried to make a couple of roses and spray them gold but as I only had red gum didn't really work. I then saw a cake that had two little love birds on, and I thought this was really nice and perfect for an anniversary cake.

I made them out of ivory fondant, I made the wings and nose seperate, I sprayed some of the gold on a plate, it turned to a powder form, this then meant that I could brush it on so it had a nice golden coating rather than being slathered in it. To make the eyes I simply used a black edible pen and made two cute little dots. I didn't want over detail them as it can soon go so wrong.

For the numbers, usually I use my cutters, but they can be a bit bulky for delicate cakes like this, so I thought I would try to make some pretty curly numbers, I left them to dry for a bit and them dusted them with the gold again.

I iced the bottom of the cake with ivory fondant and the top with rose buttercream style icing. For a bit of extra detail and some signs of a happy marriage I added some gold hearts with some white royal icing polka dots around the edges.

I'm really loving the big bows on the cakes now, especially when someone has ordered the cake as a present. My lovely mum picked this up for my from the local garden center, I wasn't sure about the glittter aspect at first but luckily it fitted in really nice with the gold on the cake.

That's is for giant cupcakes for another week or so, I have a little cake break coming up...except for this weekend, it's my brothers 30th this weekend and I have a special cake planned, so stayed tuned.... Pin It Now!


  1. these are so cool. I need to have a go at making them!x

  2. You are really banging out the cakes! I am impressed but cab't believe you have the energy to make such beautiful cakes so often!

  3. Amazing as always. Love the gold and glitter and the little birds are soooo cute!! Cant wait to see your brother's birthday cake.

  4. They are just getting better and better!!

  5. The birds are adorable. You truly are the master of the giant cupcake...bows down...I am not worthy!

  6. I love the birds the most I think! I have to admit I love making these you can do so much with them . Thanks for the lovely comments!



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