Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Another Birthday Present!

Ok just had to share with you all my latest birthday present! This was on the top of my birthday wish list and I really had no idea I was getting it. Another one of my best friends Natalie bought this for me and I really didn't know until I saw the box said John Lewis on it.

It's by Mason Cash and in a beautiful lavender colour. I have a bit of a mixing bowl fetish and even nearly bought one in Brighton at the weekend so I'm glad I didn't. This one is a bit smaller than my red one which is good at that one is huge and sometimes you do need a more 'normal' sized one.

I'm doing a post for BakingMad tomorrow so I'll put up some action shots with this beautiful bowl in use. She also got me some really cute oven mitts as all I've really done is burn myself lately! So hopefully this will stop now, and they have cupcakes on - yay :)....God I'm such a girl! Pin It Now!


  1. I'm so jealous as I really, really want one of these! Happy Baking! x


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