Monday, 14 November 2011

Choccywoccydoodah! Chocolate Lover's Dream! - Updated!

So as you saw I was in Brighton last weekend, and I went to Choccywoccydoodah and thought it did really need its own post as I was like a crazy person and took about a million pictures.

After watching their TV show about the cake shop I've always wanted to take a trip to Brighton, chocolate and cake who can ask for more? If you watch the show you'll know that all they decorate their cakes with it chocolate, pure Belgian beautiful chocolate, no icing whatsoever!

The shop looks so magical on screen and it certainly didn't disappoint! The shops is pretty small so it was full of hustle and bustle. One of the biggest draws to the shop are the window displays. I was hoping their Christmas display was up but as it was just a few days after Halloween it hadn't changed yet. But actually I didn't mind as it beautifully dark! The main feature was of a vampire biting a beautiful woman's neck, they also had a giant haunted house in the corner and witches brains chocolates.

I was really tempted to buy a cake, of course! But the cheapest one was £35 and pretty small but still beautiful. Which would have been fine if I had a big party or something, but as I didn't I thought it was a bit much to eat of my own. I do however really want one of their iconic giant chocolate skulls one day, they often feature these on their gigantic cakes and look so realistic but still oddly appetizing! 

They had some amazing display cakes in the shop, I went a bit paparazzi on them so I'm glad the staff didn't mind! I love all of the glittery roses they use on a lot of their cakes and hunted for ages for something glittery and affordable but they had all sold out!

A lot of their cakes had a bit of a dark and quirky look, which I think I love just as much as the pretty flowers! I've been researching some tutorials for making modeling chocolate as I really want to have a go myself. I want to be a chocolatier! It'd make a great addition to my little cakes I think :)

I was really hoping to see some of the people from the shop, I did manage to see the lastest member of staff that had just joined in the last series, and he helped me look for a treat so that was a little bonus. As for treats there are loads of little bits you could buy as a gift for someone. Ladies heels, mens brogue shoes, giant pouting lips lollipops, heart lollipops, logo lollipop and even some naughty shaped treats under the counter...I'll leave this up to your imagination!

After searching and deciding for a long time I settled on a lollipop with their logo on as I love it, and also a lovely red apron with their logo on. These were a little early birthday treat from my mum, I put off eating the lollipop for so long, a) I'd eaten so much cake it took me a few days to recover, and b) it would then all be gone and I would no longer have it! I am happy to report the chocolate was lovely! And the apron was really good quality and already covered in butter and flour.

I took as many pictures as I could and literally had no shame, it was just as I hoped it'd be and it was nice that even with a jam-packed shop the staff still came over to help when you looked totally torn! I could easily have bought one of their cakes if my bank balance had allowed it just on impulse. Going to this shop was the highlight for me from our weekend in Brighton, I really can't wait to go again. They've just told me that they've got the TV crew in so now could be the time to see some mayhem and action in the shop!

They also have a new super choccy blog up and running, check it out!
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  1. I remember visiting earlier in the year and being totally wow-ed! I took lots of pictures too. It's good to relive the memories from your pics :)


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