Wednesday, 16 November 2011

60th Birthday Giant Golfing Cupcake

Hello again!

I'm hoping this post uploads correctly, I was really disappointed that my Choccywoccydoodah post only uploaded the first two paragraphs and picture when I'd actually done a big post, it's up and running now though so if you saw it when it was tiny please check it out now it's up in all its glory.

So anyway for the latest cake, it's not often I get asked to do cakes for men so it can be a good time to try out some new techniques and get me out of my comfort zone.

This cake was from word of mouth which is really nice, for a gentleman turning 60 and they wanted to get him a giant cupcake which I thought was really sweet. It can be hard to get them to not look too feminine as they are in the cutest form of cake, but I think I managed it :)

He loves golf so I thought this theme could be done really well. I'd seen a few ideas on the internet and had a good idea of what would look great. I though I'd make it a whole golfing green! This would be hard as my usual favourite rose swirl icing wouldn't really be suitable to look like grass so I had to pipe it with a normal star nozzle all over, I was worried this could look a bit messy but actually it looked really effective.

To get the green as bright as I have I used a good dollop of Mint Green Sugarflair colouring paste, have faith it will go brighter and I find it does colour up a little bit after it's mixed but that might just be me. I used the same colour in some fondant to get the smooth part of the grass.

For the flag I used one of the cake pop sticks I had and made the actual flag out of red gum paste so it looked like it was flapping in the wind. I also made a little golf ball ready to be putted in (is that the right terminology? Not sure!!) .

I wanted the bottom to look like a sand bunker so made it a dark sand/light brown colour by mixing Sugarflair Dark Brown and Melon Yellow. I tied a thin red ribbon around the bottom to match the flag and is a bit more manly than my usual pink one :).

To really finish it off I made a '60' for the smooth bit of green in fondant with Christmas Red colouring paste . I made it in a curly style again as the 50th wedding anniversary giant cupcake as I loved how it looked, the chunky number cutters can be a bit over powering for smaller cakes like these. I think this is around my 23rd giant cupcake of the year, roughly. I think I could make a blog dedicated entirely to the little gems I love them!

As I've got a bit of a cake break coming up, eg. no order in the next week or so I can do some proper blogging about all the cakes I made for my birthday that I promised to put up. I'll try to get them up over the next week. Pin It Now!


  1. so pretty!

  2. Looks great as always. I love that you tried to make it more 'manly'. It definitely looks like a golf course. I should have asked by now but do you just wrap fondant icing around the base and trim the edges? It looks so neat and tidy. Look forward to seeing your birthday cakes.

  3. Thanks! I turn the base upside down on a plate and spread on the jam/buttercream. Roll out the icing and lay it on top and smooth it down the sides and grooves, this can be hard to get it perfectly smooth without folding and have taken many many tries to get it as smooth as I have now :) I then quickly flip it over on to the cake board and fold the excess icing over the top of the base before filling with buttercream. I do trim off some of the excess icing before flipping it over to an inch or so extra :) x

  4. I was going to ask how you do the bases too, they always look so perfect. You did such a great job transforming something as cute as a cupcake into something masculine, beautiful!

  5. What a masculine cupcake! The piped the grass is really effective too. I made a golf themed birthday cake for my Dad years ago, although it was basically a circular sponge with green fondant to look like a putting green. I probably used a toothpick for a pole! Definitely not as professional as yours!

  6. I think I have been stuck in that ruff, :)
    Nice looking cake, did a great job.

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