Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bleeding Heart Cake

This weekend was my brother's 30th birthday. I've kept his cake a secret for a loooong time as I really wanted it to be a surprise. He's always said he wanted this cake, he's been asking for it for what feels like forever, but I've always said know because it's a bit disgusting! But since I did the brain cake I realised I quite liked making some I thought I'd have another go!

I'd seen this cake on the Lily Vanilli blog. It did tell you how to make the hear but I didn't really understand the instructions so I kind of winged it. I'd told him so many times that I wouldn't make this cake I knew he wouldn't suspect that this is the cake I would actually make.

The cake itself is a two tiered vanilla sponge cake filled with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream. Which my lovely mother actually made as I had so many cakes to make this week I just didn't have time! I iced the the cake with plain white fondant as I wanted the heart and blood to really stand out, it almost had to look a bit clinical.

For the heart, I used a block of cake and sculpted it into the shape of a fist, as that's what they say your heart looks like. I kind of just did it until I thought it looked right as human hearts aren't something that I'm really that used to looking at. I made the red fondant with lots of Christmas Red sugarflair colouring paste and didn't mix it all in as I wanted some bits to be a bit darker in places.

I made it a lot bigger than it needed to be, laid the sponge in the middle and wrapped the fondant cup almost in a parcel type way and joined it at the top. I used the excess fondant to make three valves at the top, the folds from these in the icing then actually looked like veins too, I even added some extra colour to them to make them look naturally darker.

To make the blood I bought some strawberry golden syrup and added some extra red to make it a bit darker and realistic. I brushed this all over the heart before putting it on the top. I then drizzled it all over letting it slosh over the first tier dripping down. When it had dripped down into puddles I edged it over the next tier to make it look like it had glooped all of the way down.

We did have candles to put on it but we let him see it without first so he could see the full effect. Luckily he absolutely loved it - he's not a psycho I promise! He really hadn't expected to get it so that was a major bonus. I really think I've started something now and that there may well be a lot more gore in the future....

Happy 30th Mike!

Nom! x

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  1. Ewwweeee!!!!!!!!

    I'm glad he enjoyed it :-}

  2. Haha love it! How creative - fab!

  3. Aha Awesome!! It looks grossly great, the sponge looks yummy too.

  4. I love how the "blood" oozes down the cake. Gloriously gorey! Happy Birthday to your brother!

  5. Urrrgh, wow, another one that makes me cringe! Stunning though, the blood looks great dripping down and in contrast to the white icing. Love it!

  6. omg that is a very realistic cake!! Its amazing. I bought the lily vanilli cupcake book ages ago but must have missed this - I can see it now. Looks exactly like the book.

  7. I didn't know there was a book! Thanks I actually love this cake :)

  8. yes you should definitely get the book!


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