Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween Baking

I have to say I love Halloween, last year was a bit rubbish as we didn't get any trick or treaters! Luckily I hadn't even made anything, so I got to munch all of the sweets for the next week!

This year however it was on! I had collected some ideas/moulds etc in preparation. We now live in a different area too..full of kids so I was really hoping for some knocks on the door.

I even carved a pumpkin, I hate gutting it out mainly because of the words can describe it...I'm sure you all know what I mean. But I saw a really good design online and wanted to copy it - a VW camper van! We love these in my house so I had to give it a go. I didn't use a stencil...and you can tell, but I was still really happy with it.

I decided to make bags of treats this year and toffee apples. I can't pass this time of year without making toffee apples, it's that simple, so this was the perfect excuse! I used my Fairground Toffee Apple recipe and added some more red liquid food colouring to make them a bit darker for the occasion.

In the treat bags I made up some biscuit lollipops, pinwheel biscuits, pumpkin chocolates and I also added in some gummy worms for the extra scare factor.

I actually stole the idea for the lollipops and pinwheels from Butter Hearts Sugar, I loved the idea of these and just adjusted the colours to orange and black. The only thing I'd do again is definitely leave them in the fridge/freezer for longer as the first batch didn't keep their shape, I did get the firmed by the end so they did look more like rock.

I made smalled one for the pinwheels and they all came out great as they took less time to firm up before putting them in the oven.

The pumpkin chocolates were actually just white chocolate melted down and mixed with Sugarflair colouring paste in Tangerine. I wish I'd made them a stronger colour but I'll remember that for next year. I think they're really cute though! I put them in the freezer to set and they took hardly any time at all.

I tied them up in clear gift bags and filled my halloween bowl with the treats. I did wonder if I'd made too many, but I thought I'd just take them to work if I did.

It was already dark when I got home and they kids had already started doing the round so I quickly lit my pumpkin, placed it in the window and hoped for the best!

It wasn't long before I started getting knocks, everyone absolutely loving the pumpkin (yay!) and equally loving my homemade treats! I was all out in less than 40 minutes! I did nearly give all of my treats to a little brother/sister duo who couldn't have been older than 4 and 2, vampire and witch - so cute!!!

I then had to close the blinds and pretend to be out so not to disappoint any more trick or treaters! Next year I will remember and double up on everything. I'm loving reading everyone's halloween posts and have definitely gotten some great inspiration.

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  1. I love your VW pumkpin! I've not seen that before. The halloween baking looks great, I'm not surprised it all disappeared. I had to hide once when I ran out of sweets but not this year. I'm definitely making my own treats from now on.

  2. I'm not a massive Halloween fan but I love all the treats you made! I think my favourites are the little pumpkin chocolates - they're so cute.


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