Tuesday, 8 November 2011

It's My Brithday!

Today is my birthday! I'm the grand age of 24 and I never grow tired of looking forward to my birthday. A lot of people as soon as they're about 16 or so, end up knowing exactly what it is they get for their birthday as they simply ask for it. I've actually been really lucky and almost always don't have a clue what I'm getting! You may think this is a dangerous tactic but I do always hint heavily or make general wishlists so people have a rough idea, and by the time my birthday comes around I have completely forgotten what I've asked for.

This year again I had forgotten most of what I had asked for, so it was mostly a surprise. I say mostly...my mum has accidentaly included a picture of one of my presents in another picture she sent me! I kept schtum until she gave it to me though as it was something I actually really wanted (the cupcake carrier)

So here most of them are, in their beautiful glory! My mum wanted to give me my presents last night as she couldn't wait - but I was firm and said no as I love opening them in the morning, that's called willpower! I now understand the reason, she wanted me to have the cupcake carrier as I was making them for work, but I ended up making so many that I wouldn't have been able to fit them in anyway! For work I made my lemon drizzle, brownies, sweet and salty chocolate cake, Norwegian shortbread, choc chip cookies, toffee apple sausage rolls, cheese and onion puff pastries and victoria sponge cupcakes - I will get up the recipes for the ones I havn't put up before. They need their own post I think!

Now back to the pressies! I actually got my first ones when we went to Brighton this weekend,  again this needs its own post as there's so much food to talk about, and of course - my visit to Choccywoccydoodah! I was like a crazy stalker/paparazzi - I had NO shame. Anyway, here's a quick look, my mum had some money from my nan in Norway to buy something I'd like, I usually always need this money to survive, but for once I didn't so I really wanted to actually get something with it. So we were in Choccywoccydoodah and I saw a gorgeous red apron with the logo on, I have a bit of an apron fetish so that was a must. She also really wanted to buy me something that I could eat, at first she did say she was going to buy me a cake until she realised how high the prices were and it's not like it was a special birthday so I would have killed her if she got me one. So we settled on a chocolate lolly. I did really want something with glitter on but they were all sold out! But then I saw this massive one with their logo on, to match my apron so I couldn't resist. I still haven't eaten it though...it's too beautiful and then I will be gone forever! (I know...I'm crazy)

So then there is my lovely cupcake tin and carrier for 12 cupcakes, big ones (yay) which is really good for transporting ones that are decorated so that they icing doesn't get messed up when they touch.  I was so happy that I did actually get this as I was a bit worried she'd put it back, which she nearly did! So I can't wait to try it out. I also got a multisize cake pan, I first saw this on The Great British Bake Off and fell in love with the idea of it. You can make it up to any size of the actual pan, in a square, long rectangles (perfect for a battenburg) or even 4 equal square which will be great for small individual cakes. This came from Lakeland and it's nice to have an actual tin, because as most of you know I always end up baking in biscuit tins!

Another thing from my mum/nan was the mock croc purple patent placemat and coaster set. This may seem like an odd choice but they're so glam! The purple doesn't look too bright here but it really is! I looooooove purple at the moment so can't wait to make a posh dinner and get them out.

I also got a nice little Christmas cupcake book from Norman (our baby tortoise!) haha my mum is crazy bless her : D. But they're so many cute ones in this book they'll be some posts up soon enough don't you worry.

Right, sorry stay awake we're nearly done! I got this really unique cake stand from my brother and his fiancee, made out of recycled vinyl records, they even came in their own recycled packaging of sleeves and newspaper. I loooove records and was told I saw this ages and loved it, so they bought it for me from a lovely cake shop in Lyme which I can't wait to visit. See I do forget what I want to it's like a double surprise. I need to think of something really unique to bake to display on this though, it has to be special!

Last but not least my best friend of 9 years came around yesterday, we really go all out for each others birthdays and this year she really raised the game! As I opened the gift bag I instantly recognised the name on the bag inside....PANDORA!!!!!! We actually both nearly cried because we're losers and it was such a lovely moment. It's a proper grown up present, and a far cry from our Lion King fluffy pens (although we do still buy them for each others at Christmas!) and it felt like a little landmark in our friendship,  I really didn't expect it. She got me the lovely snake style bracelet and also a super cute butterfly charm. It's so me and I can't wait to build on it!

My brother made me an amazing cheesecake for today as well, his present hasn't turned up so I happily accepted this in the meantime, he has also sent me the recipe so I will have to write about it, there are no words for how incredible this tasted....I might actually even have to dig into another cheeky bit!

I've really been spoiled this year and still have a couple of presents to come! So thanks to everyone that bought me a pressie and said happy birthday each year gets better and better! Very lucky indeed :)

Sorry I know I've rambled a lot but I've such a great birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great one. I love birthdays :) Your gifts look amazing especially the vinyl cake stand. Your colleagues have been in for a real treat. That is a lot of baking love to share. The cheesecake looks fabulous too - looks like baking runs in the family :)

  2. Happy Birthday! You have had some fabulous treats. The Silverwood tin is fabulous and the cupcake carrier too (these were selling like hotcakes at Cake International).

  3. Happy birthday!! what lovely things!! gloria

  4. Those are some awesome gifts. Happy Birthday!!!


  5. Happy Birthday! This is such a lovely post. You've received some great presents, the multi tin I'm particularly jealous of. Noticed it on Bake Off as well!

    What a whole lot of presents! It just goes to show that you're a wonderful person and loved by everyone:D

  7. SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Wow cool presents, have a beautiful day!!

  8. Happy Birthday! Your presents all look lovely and have given me some ideas for my Christmas list :)

  9. thanks for all the love guys! Had a brilliant day :) xxx

    Nom! x

  10. Happy Birthday! Lovely presents esp like the vinyl cake holder - gorgeous!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday.

    Love all your prezzies, especially the record cake stand.


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